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My mission is to help you
boldly express your creativity,
launch your own ideas,
and fulfill YOUR mission. 

Let's Be Brave together!

Kim Desrosiers
Artist - Expressive Art Coach –
Grief Recovery Specialist


Better to show up afraid

than not at all.

It's a fallacy that artists never feel FEAR. Yet nearly every artist copes with fear in some way. That’s because the very nature of being creative is VULNERABLE. Making art also means claiming the attention of others. It doesn’t get much scarier than that!

Great courage coexists with fear, both in life and in art. YET, far too often we become fixated on achieving a polished final design rather than enjoying the process and recognizing the daily practice of facing down fears required to get there!

In doing this, we deny ourselves the true lessons of fear. When we get caught up in the end goal, we lose the present moment — the only moment in which we can create. If we wait for a day in which we have no fear, we'll never create at all!

There’s always something to be afraid of: success, failure, criticism, visibility. All of these things hinder us from fulfilling our purpose.





For it is within this process we can discover ourselves and can begin empowering others to do the same.

Perhaps the biggest fear should be USING fear to opt out of our most potent challenges!

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